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You are welcome to the 25th Anniversary SPIMUN conference held in Saint Petersburg - the cultural capital of Russia!

22-24 March, 2021



About the conference

The conference is a three-day-long simulation of the work of the United Nations. The structure of SPIMUN includes the Security Council, the General Assembly (4 Committees), the ECOSOC, the Special Conference and the Baltic Forum. The official language of SPIMUN is English.

SPIMUN allows the students to play the roles of diplomats and learn to negotiate and debate in the formal way. The young delegates in seeking solutions to economic, social, environmental and cultural problems can learn to break away from narrow national interests and to develop true international cooperation.

SPIMUN 2019 brought together about 400 delegates and teachers from Belarus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Palestine, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America.

We strongly believe that in 2021 SPIMUN conference will gather even more participants from different parts of the globe!

Reasons to come

Enthusiastic organizing team

SPIMUN is organized by students, graduates and teachers of the Gymnasium 157, and it’s an essential part of our life.

International participants

During more than 20 years of its history SPIMUN has united participants from all parts of the globe.

Splendor of St. Petersburg

SPIMUN takes place in the historic center of one of the most beautiful and well-known cities in the world.


Photo of Daria Leus

Dear participants of the 24th SPIMUN conference,

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you here – at the Saint Petersburg International Model United Nations.

I am happy to see that Model UN is still running, and the delegates are full of enthusiasm and confidence. This year we have many new participants, and it gives me great hope to watch them get professional and skilled. I look forward to seeing lots of discussions and productive debates as we dive into the Committee sessions. I assume that your participation in SPIMUN will grant you a chance to have a truly unique debate experience.

Some argue that Model UN is a waste of time, as school conferences will not stop wars, save people from hunger or prevent climate change. Our debates may not be mature, but the problems are real. Very soon it will be our responsibility to deal with these challenges. We need to act today for a better tomorrow; we need to contribute to the solution of these problems – in the spirit of Model UN, under the flag of SPIMUN!

The words in John Lennon’s famous song "I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one" are meaningful to mankind today. His ideas are immortal, and we, the young people of the world, will do our best to make them true. Indeed, Lennon is not the only one dreaming of life in peace and integrity, and our conference is just one example of people trying their best to solve the burning issues of today.

Photo of Daria Leus

I call upon the participants of SPIMUN: be active, be involved in the hot debates and make them productive, and, most importantly, – always try to find a compromise.

I wish you all the best of luck and hope you will enjoy being involved in the discussions.

Daria Leus
Secretary General



22-24 March, 2021

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